Bitcoin Store

I’m really excited about the possibilities for bitcoin. So I’ve decided to start accepting bitcoins. And to reflect that – and the fact that the fees are lower – I’m offering all the ebooks at half price.

On the downside, I haven’t found an automated delivery system I’m happy with yet. So I’ll be sending out the ebooks myself when I see the notification. So you won’t get it straight away like you do with PayPal. But I do spend my whole life either online or sleeping so it shouldn’t be too long.

If you have an problems get in touch with me and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Blues Ukulele

How to Play Blues Ukulele
Price: $8.50

Ukulele Strums

How to Play Ukulele Strums
Price: $6

Beginner Pack

Contains: Ukulele Strums, Ukulele 101 and Ukulele Chord Progressions.
Price: $13.50

Christmas Ukulele 1

How to Play Christmas Ukulele
Price: $3.50

Christmas Ukulele 2

Christmas Ukulele 2: The Second Coming
Price: $3.50

Christmas Ukulele Pack:

Contains How to Play Christmas Ukulele and Christmas Ukulele 2.
Price: $4.50

Classical Ukulele

How to Play Classical Ukulele
Price: $4.50

Slide Ukulele

How to Play Slide Ukulele
Price: $3.50

Ukulele Chord Progressions

How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions
Price: $8.50

National Anthems

How to Play National Anthems
Price: $3.50