How to Play Classical Ukulele

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How to Play Classical Ukulele

Contains tabs for 7 classical tunes arranged for standard tuned ukulele:

Blue Danube – Strauss
Bridal Chorus – Wagner
Elephant – Saint-Saëns
Gran Vals – Tarrega
Orpheus in the Underworld – Offenbach
Pizzicato by Delibes
Toreador Song – Bizet

Watch them all here.

The focus is on tunes that you’ll have fun playing and that people will recognise and be impressed by. The focus isn’t on good classical technique or faithful recreations of the original works (in some of them I’ve sythed out the less famous sections). Some of them are tricky to play, some of them are more straight-forward. It’s definitely not for newbies.

You get individual pdf files of each of the tabs along with an ebook with my usual blathering and a few general pointers on playing. It’s not a full on guide to classical technique, more along the lines of the stuff that usually accompanies tabs on here. It’s all delivered digitally.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

You might not want to buy it if:

- You’ve never done any fingerpicking. There’s a variety of difficultly but none of them are suitable for beginners.
- You’re looking to develop classical technique:
- If you play soprano only: Some of the tunes use frets above the 12th.

What If I Get It And It Sucks?

As with all my stuff, if you don’t like it let me know within 7 days (with the email address you used to pay with) and I’ll send you full refund. No questions asked or seething resentment.

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How to Play Classical Ukulele

Price: $9
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