How to Play Blues Ukulele


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– Learn to improvise and jam in the blues style.

– Learn the most common blues chord progressions, variations and adaptations.

– Packed with ideas and techniques for blues soloing.

– Play riffs and licks in the style of blues musicians from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

– Blues chord patterns and strum patterns in a variety of styles.

– 123 examples all with mp3s and YouTube videos.

– 4 backing tracks to jam along with.

– Minor pentatonic scales and blues scales for every key.

– Contains chord charts and tab for re-entrant, C-tuned ukulele.

To give you some idea of what you’ll be able to play, these are the final two pieces tabbed in the ebook which combines a number of the ideas it contains.

The A Blues

The C Blues

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What People Are Saying

I think one of the main things that I really like about this book is that it’s really comprehensive. There’s a lot to work on here and it’s not something you’re likely to blast through in a couple of weeks. I myself keep coming back to it and still wouldn’t say that I’ve got to grips with everything here…

It’s so packed with information and ideas that I think pretty much everyone will find something useful here. A definite buy recommendation from me!

This is a wonderful little tome. I’m not the kind of guy who learns how to play things or do things from books or manuals, I’ve always hated it. Yet I found the experience different when playing with this ebook. I learned to pick out just about everything you had in the ebook quickly and it was fun.

Todd Mauldin of The Hellbusters

I’ve been teaching myself to play uke, and have to say that it was the music theory that got me stumped when it came to understanding such things as pentatonic blues scales and chord progressions for jamming. Despite the fact that i know some really great musicians, none of them have been able to explain it as clearly as simply as you lay it out in the book. Knowing the basic pattern relative to the root note (and how that works in second and third position too) has opened up a whole new uke world for me, just as i was getting stuck in tried and tested patterns, jigs and reels! It’s like i’ve been playing in black and white till now and suddenly i’m seeing in colour! It couldn’t have been explained better.

Saul Jaffe

The book is amazing!!! so professional and, even more importantly, so USEFUL! I love the lessons, they’re broken down into manageable chunks, and the MP3s demonstrate everything so clearly! Really, you have done a stellar job.

I play blues (among other things) on uke all the time, but honestly, i have been stuck in a rut with my playing… I sat down and played with your book for just 20 minutes and it opened up all kinds of new ideas for me..such as using the C5 instead of the straight C. now I want to sit down and write some new songs using what i picked up. I can’t wait to get even more into the lessons! very exciting!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am really going to enjoy playing with this!

– Pam Moore AKA Madame Pamita

Of all the written ukulele instruction I have poured through, this stands out above all the others. Every example is worth learning! I can’t bring myself to skim through the pages for fear that I will miss one small tidbit of great information. The mp3 examples are great, especially for picking up a particular rhythm in a selection.

Anyone who plays the ukulele should have a copy of this book.

Lonna Brockway

Just wanna say your blues book is great. Thanks for putting it together. Very straightforward and informative. The playing challenges ensure that I’ve got the music under my fingers.

You’ve set a standard that I don’t see anyone else approaching.

– Jim Travisano

The price is way too low for the amount of information that’s here. If I had paid double I would consider it a bargain. I’ve had it about a week and I’ve made it a priority in my daily practice sessions. Very solid stuff here. I’ve read ahead and watched the video examples to see whats coming up. You put a lot of tools in the toolbox, which is the fun part of playing the blues. It’s very inspiring. I’ll be working on this every day and enjoying every minute.

– Joe

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Rhythm and Blues

Part 2: 12 Bar Blues

Part 3: 12 Bar Blues Variations

Part 4: The Blues Shuffle

Part 5: Strumming Variations

Part 6: Other Blues Chord Patterns

Part 7: Blues Riffs

Part 8: 12 Bar Blues Riffs

Part 9: Blues Intros

Part 10: Descending Turnarounds in A

Part 11: Descending Turnarounds in C

Part 12: Turning a Turnaround into an Outro

Part 13: Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

Part 14: Slides

Part 15: Bends

Part 16: Vibrato

Part 17: Minor Pentatonic Scale

Part 18: Transposing the Pentatonic Scale

Part 19: Improvising Tips

Part 20: Minor Pentatonic Positions

Part 21: More Minor Pentatonic Positions

Part 22: The Blues Scale

Part 23: Putting it All Together

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