How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions


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- Steal The Beatles’ favourite chord tricks.

- Never get stuck with that ‘what chord comes next?’ feeling.

- Know which chords sound great together and why.

- Jazz chords, chord substitution, chord extensions and many more demystified.

- See how to put together juicy, compelling chord progressions.

- Improve your ability to learn by ear by knowing which chords will occur when.

- Spice up your chord solos.

- Contains a pdf of over 50 pages packed with ideas, progressions and diagrams and mp3 examples of chord progressions.

- For C-tuned re-entrant ukulele.

Check out the first ten pages and some example mp3s (right click and select ‘Save Target As…’ to download):

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Here’s what people are saying about How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions:

This is the first time someone’s explained basic chord formation and scales and transposition in a way that makes sense to me
Mike Dickison writer of Kiwi Ukulele

I started using the book – it’s great!!! This is really a helpful and friendly guide.
Jen Kwok

I am really glad I bought your chord progression theory book. You did just a great job! I am taking piano from my daughter’s classical teacher. He is great but somewhat hardcore classical. He tried to explain some of the theory to me, but I think that your book is way more accessible and directly applicable. And this comes from me, someone who has taken theory classes in the past!
Carol Seigal

Your ‘How to play ukulele chord progressions’ is excellent. It cleared up a number of things for me. I’m just getting into music theory and having something that relates directly to the ukulele was very useful.
Chris Double

The “How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions” was great. I got a better sense of hamonized chords, and their fretboard relationship. The feelings the sounds generate for different chords, and how the tension is built and released really made sense.

This ebook is key to understanding chord relationships, and I can take my music to whole new levels.
Terry Truhart

The chord progression book is really great! It answered many questions I have had, and some that I didn’t even know to ask.
Dave Masinick

This is fabulous, you got nothing to worry about re: competiton or duplication in “The Fretboard Roadmaps” book, if anything your book will help me with understanding THAT.

Thanks so much, it’s brilliant, especially for people like me who have really only done a little self study (except for the mandatory music appreciation in college) and need some help in seeing how it all comes together. You make the most sense to me of anything so far, I appreciate having someone explain how it works. I’ve only been studying a bit since I got into ukes about 3 months ago and have learned more in 45 minutes that in all my previous years just fooling around trying to learn a bunch of chords.

VERY cool.

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