Songs of the States


Tab for:

Aura Lee (AKA Love Me Tender)
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Hail to the Chief
The Liberty Bell (AKA Monty Python Theme)
Yankee Doodle

Difficulty: Mixed. Some tunes are perfect for people new to solo playing (Aura Lee and Taps) and some will be a challenge to even experienced players (Liberty Bell in particular)

Tuning: High-g gCEA tuning. Some of the tabs aren’t suitable for low-G or baritone (Reveille, Taps and Yankee Doodle wouldn’t work without changes).

Price: $12 (If you’re in the EU VAT will be charged at the local rate.)

Videos: As well as videos of the full arrangements there are also close up, slowed down videos showing the techniques used.

Performance Notes: Tips for playing each tune and a brief history.

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